Joyous Health Business Program


When I graduated from school in 2009 I was thrown into an industry that offered no clear career path. While I loved the school, I didn't have a clue what to do afterwards.  

What I DID know was that I had a passion for health, and all I wanted to do was help people live healthier, happier lives - while still being able to pay the bills.  

Fast-forward 9 years and Joyous Health has become an internationally recognized brand that touches over 4 million people every month. I have an amazing team of people around me and I'm fortunate to do what I love and make a comfortable living doing it.  

Now, I'm not telling you this to brag - I'm telling you this because I want you to know you can do it too, and that's exactly why I created this course.  

With the strategies and lessons you'll learn in this online course, a dose of ambition and lot of hard work, you too can take your passion and turn it into a thriving business.  

I can't wait to help you get started!


Get a sneak peak of the course overview below. These modules were designed to get you real-world ready – that means, you’ll learn practical lessons that you can use right away to get started today.

It all starts with YOU - discover your "why" and learn how to sculpt an authentic brand.

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Build relationships and cultivate a loyal and captive audience - one of your most valuable assets. 

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Monetize your passion and create a sustainable foundation to thrive.

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The heartbeat of your business - operations aren't glamourous but are essential for success.

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A good leader understands their impact. As you lead, do so with the intention to inspire positive change. 

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Work, work, work, work, work...but don't forget about your most important asset - you.

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Now it’s time to put your knowledge and passion into action. Leave your doubts at the door and make it happen!

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We believe in you and that's why we've created the JHB Start-up Fund - a $2500 grant awarded to the most promising business to come out of JHB.  

That means no paying us back, no giving up equity and no strings attached. It's our way of investing in you, for investing in yourself.  

All students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to apply.  


Connect, collaborate and learn with a group of inspiring wellness entrepreneurs as you embark on your business building journey together. 

Network with like-minded people. share your struggles and successes, and learn from one another through the supportive spirit of this group.

Join weekly Facebook Lives with Joy and other experts to ask your questions and stay inspired.


A limited number of scholarship opportunities will be availble for those wishing to enroll. All submissions must be received by September 1, 2017. 



Joy is the Founder of Joyous Health, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and two-time best-selling author.

Through her innate drive to inspire others, Joy has created an internationally recognized brand, inspirational blog and thriving community. Learn more about Joy's story.


Walker is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having owned several successful businesses.

Since joining the Joyous Health team in 2013, Walker has helped the business soar to new heights by establishing new revenue streams, fostering new business development and implementing strategies to ensure long-term growth.

He continues to earn his title as Director of Possibilities by making s!#t happen!


What You Get:

  • Comprehensive 6-week online course to turn your passion into a thriving business.
  • The information and tools you need to build the foundation of your business.
  • Comprehensive, professional videos and educational handouts for each module.
  • Practical assignments to apply your learning to real-world assignments.
  • Weekly Facebook Lives from Joy, guest experts and the Joyous Health Team.
  • Key insights and trade secrets from the Joyous Health Team.
  • Access to a like-minded online community + networking opportunities.
  • And more!

$498.00 Save $75 when you get on the earlybird list!


  • Do you have to be a holistic nutritionist or have specific credentials to take this course?
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course. The program is geared towards wellness entrepreneurs so whether you're a nutritionist, dietician, chiropractor, life coach, RMT, ND you'll benefit from this program. 
  • Do I need a Facebook account to access the course modules?
  • A Facebook account isn't required to access the modules and course content, however the weekly live streams and community group will live on Facebook. If you don't have a facebook account, we encourage you to set up one for free so you can access the content. You can always use a different name if you're not comfortable sharing your personal information on facebook.
  • Is this program only beneficial for people who have already graduated, or could it be helpful for those who want to have a health/wellness business in the future?
  • Yes, 100%! In fact, it’s a great idea to learn this information before graduating so you have all the tools to hit the ground running once you graduate.
  • I'm not in the wellness industry, but am still interested in taking the course - would it still be beneicial?
  • Yes! While the course is geared towards wellness entrepreurs, the lessons and strategies you'll learn can act as the foundation for businesses in many industries.
  • Will you be running this course again?
  • Yes, we plan on running it again in 2018, but dates at the moment are TBD. Please note, we cannot guarantee the current introductory pricing when we run it again, so take advantage of it while you can!
  • How long will I have access to the program content for?
  • You will have access to the content (videos / downloads / workbooks) on JOYOUS U for 1 year from the course start date and on-going access to the Community Facebook Group.