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Your Natural Hair Care Toolkit
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Natural Volumizing Lavender Shampoo
Nourishing and cleansing, this all-natural shampoo infused with lavender oil will give your hair a voluminous bounce and the natural foaming action will leave your hair feeling clean without any residue.
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Natural Hydrating Coconut Conditioner
Moisturizing and hydrating, this all-natural conditioner leaves your hair feeling nourished and joyous!
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Refresh your locks with a sprinkle of our all-natural Dry Shampoo, made for all hair types.
Our unique formulation uses only USDA Certified Organic non-toxic, biodegradable and organically produced ingredients and is joyously free from artificial fragrance, talc, dyes, parabens, phthalates and gluten.
Dry Shampoo Dark Hair
You’ll love our new Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair. Cacao seed powder gives the dark hair dry shampoo its brown shade, making it perfect for those with brown and black hair (no white-looking roots!). It comes in a subtle butter vanilla and orange scent with hints of cacao and is suitable for all hair types.
Dry Shampoo Light Hair
Go longer between washes with our new Dry Shampoo for Light Hair. Created for light hair colours, the light hair dry shampoo comes in a subtle fresh citrus scent and is suitable for all hair types.
— The Challenge starts this Sunday —
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