A note from Joy
In our fast-food nation of convenient, cheap and easy, we’ve moved more towards processed “food-like” foods full of sugar, food additives such as dyes, preservatives to extend shelf life, and chemicals that have never meant to be eaten.
For the first time ever, children are expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. More than ever before, children are suffering from allergies, asthma and auto-immune diseases—at rates virtually unheard of a generation ago.
Let’s make a change! Let’s BE THE CHANGE. Kids thrive when they are nourished with whole, colourful, unprocessed foods… real food. Kids get sick less often, they perform better in school, they are happier and are kinder to their peers.
What kids eat on an everyday basis has a profound impact on their day-to-day well-being and it’s up to as a parent to facilitate this.
I want to help make it easy for you as a parent, so I’ve created a free Healthy Snacks Guide and a $10 Healthy Lunches Guide ($5 will be donated to MEALSHARE).
raise a little food lover
From picky eaters to kids with allergies or food sensitivities, there’s something for everyone in our Little Food Lovers’ guides.
series one
Raising Healthy Snackers features a collection of healthy snacking recipes and ideas that hit all the right taste buds: sweet, savoury, salty—oh my!
Plus, Joy discusses essentials for healthy snacking, as well as the importance of togetherness when it comes to raising healthy, happy and resilient kids!
series two: coming soon!
Healthy Lunches features a collection of easy to assemble, nourishing and absolutely delicious recipes for your kids. Take the complication out of making a healthy lunch with ideas galore! Bored of sandwiches? Rejoice because we'll get you out of your sandwich rut!
Plus, you'll learn what makes a healthy lunchbox complete so that beyond these recipes, you know how to assemble a lunchbox that gets eaten and nourishes your child's brain and body.
$5 of each purchase will be donated to MEALSHARE; an organization committed to creating a world where it’s easier to share with those in need, and where every child and youth is fed as a result.
A joyous partnership designed with your child’s resiliency in mind
Joyous Health is so proud to be partnering with Genuine Health to bring you the best quality natural health supplements to help your children truly thrive! Based on the latest research, you can feel good knowing you’re giving your child products that are free from GMOs and artificial flavourings, and full of wholesome, nourishing ingredients designed with your child’s resiliency in mind.